Welcome to Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer - journalist and author - agency for digital communication

On this page I would like to give a look into my daily work. As a freelance journalist and author, I've been following exciting stories for years that interest my readers and make a difference.

Already at the tender age of 15 years I started to write the first newspaper articles. Right from the beginning, I specialize in travel stories - then Egypt, Malta, and the Mediterranean Basin - and all articles on lifestyle, Technical, Sports, diving and health included. This has not changed so much until today: I still write about these topics, only that meanwhile also stand up paddling, surfing, longboarding and all sorts of sports have been added, which are mostly related to water sports and a surfboard.

Travelogues: Authentic stories from my travels

I like to travel for my life - who does not - and of course I also love to write about my experiences and to provide my readers with exciting stories about the adventures that I have on my travels have experienced. It is not for nothing that traveling makes you speechless first and then a chatterbox. Because who travels, has always something to tell. For the past three years, I have traveled quite a bit: destinations include Mediterranean destinations such as Majorca, Malta, Gozo, Cyprus and Croatia. I also visited the Canary Islands several times, including Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife. Remote destinations were also more frequently on the agenda recently, especially in Asia and Africa: I was in Egypt, that is still one of the best diving destinations in the world. In addition, I was in the Maldives, which offer a unique ambience that can not be found anywhere else in the world. In addition, last year I spent several weeks in Southeast Asia visiting Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. For the coming months and years, there are also more exciting journeys to be made: I will continue to orientate myself to the West and head for destinations in North America - USA and Canada -, the Caribbean and South America - Brazil: As usual with me, of course I will try diving, surfing, and swinging myself on a stand up paddling board. I'm looking forward to the next adventure!

Technology: Out of curiosity about new technology gadgets

Which man does not love - new smartphones, LED TVs or the new GoPro with its own drone - in short: consumer electronics? Of course, I love to try out new technical gadgets and test everything new on the market for high-tech. Many devices promise to make life better, easier and more productive. But is that always the case? I love to try it! For a natural curiosity drives me too often in the electronics store to buy me the latest toys and then try out. Of course, I would like to share my experiences with my readers and then write test reports about them, because there is nothing better for future buyers than to learn from independent sources and in detail. As long as technical progress continues, I will write reviews for my readers that will make their next purchase decision easier!

Health, fitness and wellness

Health is one of the issues that I care most about. We take our health for granted until something happens that teaches us otherwise. We neglect our health, diet and move to jogging next morning rather than doing anything for our well-being. With the heading Health I want to make a contribution to sensitize people to the topic and to give them the opportunity to deal more intensively with their own well-being. Because health does not mean the absence of disease, but is a vitality that arises from vitality. People are seriously asking why they feel tired, tired and depressed. But many are unwilling to change their situation by themselves. With a few basic health tips and rules, you can easily increase your well-being and vitality, so it's easy to lead a healthier and better life.

My job as a journalist and author: inspire people

If I manage to reach my readers with the help of my articles on the topics of travel, technology and, above all, health, and give you some food for thought that will help you make the right choice or the right decision, then I have mine Reports and articles reached my goal. Inspiration can only be found if you are open to it - if you have landed on my site, you have probably taken the first step. Maybe I can do my part to make the lives of some people a little bit better. Thank you very much for your attention!